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Tapper Security & Home Management Systems is a locally owned, Mississippi Gulf Coast based company serving Biloxi, Gulfport and beyond. Tapper Security has been a leader in residential and commercial security services and for over 30 years we have been selling and installing basic systems and monitoring. tapper Security can also assume the monitoring of a security system you already have and we can fix, repair and maintain your existing security systems.


24/7 Security

24/7 Security

At Tapper, we offer the best in Home Security! Click below to get a quote!

Home Automation

Home Automation

Get all the technology you need to automate your home!

Video Surveillance Camera Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Contact us for a quote on Surveillance Systems!

Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems

Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems

Contact us for a quote on Residential & Commercial Alarm Systems!

Benefits of Home Security

Home security systems offer safety, and Tapper Security places it at the palm of your hand.

*Protect From Intruders – Real-time alerts and fast-response times offer the security you need to stop and prevent attempted crimes.

*Protect Your Valuables – Strategically place cameras throughout your home and defend against break-ins and intruders.

*View Your Home Remotely – Use any desktop or mobile device to view, control & manage your property from anywhere at any time.

*Fire or Gas Leak Notifications – Burglaries aren’t the only threat to your home. Get fast alerts of any fires or gas leaks in your home.

Edge Panel

The Edge security panel from 2Gig is the latest technology that is packed with endless features focused on security, data privacy, automation & home control. The screen has a higher resolution with wider viewing areas & a much easier to use interface. Users can take full control of their home that is customizable to customers needs. Unlock the system with facial recognition, view live video feeds and so much more.

*Industry-first Face Recognition Disarm
*Dual Path Connection (LTE/Wi-Fi)
*Integrates With Existing Systems
*Connected App Control
*Bluetooth Touchless Disarm
*Smart Home Controls & Scenes
*Built-In Glass Break Protection
*Data Privacy & Encryption


*Interactive Protection
With our easy-to-use app, your home is at your fingertips and under your complete control. Stay connected no matter where you are and get unprecedented oversight over your property.

*Video Monitoring
Our professional video monitoring solutions are effective with both residential and commercial properties. You’ll receive instant notifications when something unusual is picked up by this system.

*Advanced Technology
Tapper only uses the most advanced and industry-leading technology to ensure our clients have the best protection available. There’s no point in wasting your money on outdated and old-school equipment when you can connect with the best of what’s on the market.

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